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Working paper

Labor market effects of COVID-19 in Sweden and its neighbors: Evidence from novel administrative data

Juranek, S., Paetzold, J. M., Winner, H. & Zoutman, F., 2020, (NHH Department of Business and Management Science Working Paper; Nr. 08/2020).

Publikation: Working paper

Rule of Law Indices and How They Could be Used in the EU Rule of Law Crisis

Jakab, A. & Lőrincz, V. O., 25 Jan 2020.

Publikation: Working paper

“Bezahlbarer Wohnraum”: Eine Frage von Armut und Ungleichheit? Teil 2

Bukowski, M. & Kreissl, K., 24 Feb 2020, 12 S.

Publikation: Working paper

Cutting red tape for trade in services

Kern, A. M., Paetzold, J. M. & Winner, H., 2019, (WIFO Working Paper; Nr. 584/2019).

Publikation: Working paper

“Bezahlbarer Wohnraum”: Eine Frage von Armut und Ungleichheit? Teil 1.

Bukowski, M. & Kreissl, K., 28 Okt 2019, 10 S.

Publikation: Working paper

Regionale Immobilienmärkte unter Druck. Analyse von Immobilienannoncen für Salzburg 2006 - 2016

Van-Hametner, A., Zeller, C., Kircher, A. & Schmiedbauer, E., 2018, 31 S. (Geographies of Uneven Development, Working Paper; Nr. 8).

Publikation: Working paper

Risk Aversion and the Willingness to Migrate in 30 Countries

Nowotny, K. & Huber, P., 2018, 34 S. (WIFO Working Paper; Nr. 569).

Publikation: Working paper


Die Krise in Europa und ihre Auswirkung auf die Parteienlandschaft Griechenlands

Lefkofridi, Z., 2017, Frankfurt am Main, (Franz Gmainer-Pranzl und Anita Rötzer (Hg.), Zukunft entwickeln. Dokumentation der 15. Entwicklungspolitischen Hochschulwochen an der Universität Salzburg 2015 (Salzburger interdisziplinäre Diskurse, 8) ).

Publikation: Working paper


The revenue impact of tax amnesties

Bayer, R. C., Oberhofer, H. & Winner, H., 2016.

Publikation: Working paper


Parliaments, Public Opinion and Parliamentary Elections in Europe

Fasone, C., Fromage, D. & Lefkofridi, Z., 2015, (European University Institute- Max Weber Program 2015/18).

Publikation: Working paper

The Council’s Congruence with European Citizens

Giger, N. & Lefkofridi, Z., 2015, (MWP RED NUMBER SERIES 2015/14 Max Weber Program).

Publikation: Working paper


City Regeneration Processes and Housing Prices

Smet, K., 2014, (Geographies of Uneven Development - Working Papers; Nr. 2).

Publikation: Working paper

Economic & Political Inequality in Modern Democracies: Differential Responsiveness to the Policy Preferences of Economic Classes

Lefkofridi, Z., 2014, (Max Weber Programme Working Paper Series; Nr. MWP RED NUMBER SERIES 2014/13).

Publikation: Working paper

Exclusive Solidarity? Radical Right Parties & the Welfare State

Lefkofridi, Z. & Michel, E., 2014, (Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. 2014/120).

Publikation: Working paper

Inequality with Ordinal Data. Cross-Disciplinary Review of Methodologies and Application to Life Satisfaction in Europe.

Schoder, J., 2014, Salzburg, 33 S. (Geographies of Uneven Development - Working Papers; Nr. No. 5).

Publikation: Working paper

Two-Part Models for Fractional Responses Defined as Ratios of Integers

Oberhofer, H. & Pfaffermayr, M., 2014, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, (Wifo Working Papers; Nr. 472/2014).

Publikation: Working paper


Institutions and the Location Decisions of Highly Skilled Migrants to Europe

Nowotny, K., 2013, (University of Salzburg Working Papers in Economics and Finance; Nr. 2013-03).

Publikation: Working paper


Competition in Corporate and Personal Income Tax Rates

Egger, P., Pfaffermayr, M. & Winner, H., 2012.

Publikation: Working paper

Democratization and real exchange rates

Furlan, B., Oberhofer, H., Gächter, M. & Krebs, B., 2012, (University of Salzburg Working Papers in Economics and Finance; Nr. 2012-06).

Publikation: Working paper

Firm growth and productivity in Belarus: New empirical evidence from the machine building industry

Cuaresma, J. C., Oberhofer, H. & A.Vincelette, G., 2012, The World Bank, (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper; Nr. No, 6005).

Publikation: Working paper

Greece and Europe: Friends or Foes?

Lefkofridi, Z., 2012, (In Gerodimos, R. (ed.) Greek Elections 2012: First Thoughts on the 6th May Election in Greece. Political Studies Association: Greek Politics Specialist Group).

Publikation: Working paper

International Treaty Ratification and Party Competition: Theory and Evidence from the EU's Constitutional Treaty

Dür, A., 2012, (LSE Political Science and Political Economy Working Paper; Nr. 3).

Publikation: Working paper

Who Creates Jobs? Estimating Job Creation Rates at the Firm Level

Oberhofer, H., Huber, P. & Pfaffermayr, M., 2012, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, (WIFO Working Papers; Nr. 435).

Publikation: Working paper


Duo Cum Faciunt Idem, Non Est Idem. Evidence from Austrian Pain and Suffering Verdicts

Flatscher-Thöni, M., Leiter, A. & Winner, H., 2011, (Working Papers in Economics; Nr. 2011-2).

Publikation: Working paper

Inter-Parliamentary Contacts of Members of the European Parliament. Report of a Survey

Miklin, E. & Crum, B., 2011, Oslo, (RECON Online Working Papers; Nr. 2011/08).

Publikation: Working paper

Job Creation and the Intra-distribution Dynamics of the Firm Size Distributiuon

Oberhofer, H., Huber, P. & Pfaffermayr, M., 2011, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, (WIFO Working Papers; Nr. 395).

Publikation: Working paper

Quantifying Europe? Quantitative Methodology and EU Research,

Lefkofridi, Z., 2011, S. 10-12, (PolitiX Universität Wien, 29).

Publikation: Working paper

Tax Information Exchange Agreements and International Portfolio Investments

Krebs, B., Pfaffermayr, M. & Winner, H., 2011.

Publikation: Working paper

Testing the One-Part Fractional Response Model against an Alternative Two-Part Model

Oberhofer, H. & Pfaffermayr, M., 2011, (University of Salzburg Working Papers in Economics and Finance; Nr. 2011-01).

Publikation: Working paper

The Design of Preferential Trade Agreements

Dür, A. & Baccini, L., 2011, (WTO Working Paper; Nr. No. 10/2011).

Publikation: Working paper

Welfare Magnets, Taxation and the Location Decision of Migrants to the EU

Nowotny, K., 2011, (WIFO Working Paper; Nr. 393).

Publikation: Working paper


A Theory of Taxation and Incorporation

Egger, P., Keuschnigg, C. & Winner, H., 2010, (University of St. Gallen Department of Economics Working Paper Series; Nr. 2010-25).

Publikation: Working paper

Employment effects of acquisitions: Evidence from acquired European firms

Oberhofer, H., 2010, (University of Salzburg Working Papers in Economics and Finance; Nr. 2010-10).

Publikation: Working paper

Firm Growth, European Industry Dynamics and Domestic Business Cycles

Oberhofer, H., 2010, Austrian Institute of Economic Research, (WIFO Working Papers; Nr. 377).

Publikation: Working paper

Firm Growth in Multinational Corporate Groups

Oberhofer, H. & Pfaffermayr, M., 2010, (University of Salzburg Working Papers in Economics and Finance; Nr. 2010-07).

Publikation: Working paper