2017 CEF Transport Call for Proposal – Funding Objective 3



DLS European target solution assessment: the stakeholders are encouraged to elaborate one multi stakeholders project, that will specifically continue and finalise the activities aimed at definitively solving the open points identified by dedicated tasks within the 2016 CEF Transport Calls Implementation project.

For the Airborne domain, considering the compliance to DLS IR (EU) No 29/2009 as amended by IR (EU) No 310/2015 as the main driver of the present domain, the SDM strongly encourages setting up implementation projects (IPs) focused on the upgrade to ATN B1 multi frequency avionics successfully assessed “best in class” by ELSA study, including those projects related to the upgrade of Avionics for ATN B1 Services that will be included in the best in class3, after a successful testing. In particular, the SDM highly stimulates the continuation of the avionics installation already started by Implementation Projects submitted within 2016 CEF Transport Calls, with the aim of achieving the requested percentage of equipped aircraft according to the deadlines set by IR4.

The Data Link Services (DLS) Guidelines for the 2017 CEF Trasnport Calls aims at focusing on the concrete and relevant activities required to be undertaken in the ground and airborne domain in order to achieve a right and timely DLS deployment in Europe.
The SDM considers fundamental to guide stakeholders towards the most appropriate deployment approach and connect at same time to the co-funding opportunities expected for the 2017 CEF Transport Calls.
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