A methodology to assess the contribution of invader woody vegetation to carbon storage and the impact on other ecological goods and services



In three pilot sites – South Africa, Gorongosa (Mozambique), Austria – the key factors of bush encroachment/invader species are described and existing data compiled.
Gaps in resolution of data and information extraction methodologies are identified and a common test and validation concept developed.
The three case studies are implemented according to the test and validation concept.
Evaluation of case studies and establishment of roadmap for improvements.
The contribution to carbon estimation, the value of alternative ecological goods and services of the invaded area are assessed and a cost benefit analysis carried out.

Overall objective is to evaluate the ecological costs and benefits of managing areas for carbon storage that are invaded by woody invasive species in the SADC region and Europe.

The purpose is to establish the quantity/value of carbon preserved in areas invaded by woody invasive vegetation from earthobservation data by using different sensors and information extraction methodologies
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Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige 2002

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