Alpine Disaster Management Downstream Service



Main objective of the Downstream Services is to develop processing chains that enable disaster managers acting at various administrative levels to timely access crucial information in crisis situations. This is achieved through standardised workflows that generate value added products based on both the information extraction from EO data and the integration of in-situ data.
For the moment the ADM products focus on those parts of the pre-event and response phases of the crisis cycle that are most relevant for the direct protection and rescue of population and infrastructure. Users are authorities in Alpine regions that deal with civil protection issues at local, regional, cross-regional and partly at national level. In an initial phase it is foreseen to develop services in a number of test beds in the Alps and to test their transferability to the Carpathian Mountains. The following topics are covered: 1. vulnerability and risk assessments (pre-event prevention phase), 2. early warnings of flash floods and landslides (pre-event preparedness phase) and 3. rapid mapping (post-event situation awareness and response phase).

Within the scope of ‘Kopernikus’ (former GMES), an initiative of the European Commission and the European Space Agency, a wide range of services are developed to provide information and monitoring tools in the field of environment and security. The purpose of ADM is the development of Downstream Services in European alpine regions at various scales that are derived from European Core Services, namely Emergency Response and Land.
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