Bio-monitoring of environmental pollution in the Kosovo (air and water pollution): improvement of risk assessment, public awareness and eventual remediation activities



    In general, risk assessment in the Kosovo is still inappropriate in order to ensure that environmental health policy decisions are based on the established link between emission sources, human exposure and potential adverse health effects. This should be improved by the establishment of bio-monitoring and a human bio-monitoring framework to increase both the quantity and the quality of research and the reliable assessment of the current situation and potential long term risks.

    1) Biomonitoring of environmental water samples by the analysis of exposed fish (COMET assay with erythrocytes)
    2) Biomonitoring of environmental air samples (COMET assay with exposed plant species such as allium)
    3) Human exposure biomonitoring (COMET assay with blood lymphocytes)
    4) Comparison with in vitro studies on water and air samples in primary rat hepatocytes and determination of cyto- and genotoxicity (cell death – apoptosis and necrosis – COMET assay and the formation of micronuclei at the University of Salzburg.
    KurztitelBio-monitoring of environmental pollution in the Kosovo
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