BRIDGE: Bridging resources and agencies in large-scale emergency management

  • Steinhäusler, Friedrich, (Projektleitung)
  • Heidegger, Wilhelm, (Projektmitarbeiter/in)



Technical interoperability is crucial for enabling multi-agency collaboration. However, the technology needs to be integrated into the workflows and communication processes of those agencies at the
organizational level, so that they can work within a single command hierarchy rather than acting independently. To that end, BRIDGE will also provide:
• methods and tools that support run-time intra- and inter-agency collaboration;
• a model-based automated support system built on a scenario-based training framework;
• an agent-based dynamic workflow composition and communication support system.
Finally, information and communications technology will mediate both the collaboration between
agencies and the access they have to available data. All of the above efforts, then, must incorporate
advanced techniques for human-computer interaction – the level of the individual. BRIDGE will
contribute here by developing:
• adaptive, multi-modal user interfaces;
• novel interaction techniques with fixed and mobile devices;
• tools for building and maintaining a scalable common operational picture.

BRIDGE approaches the problem from the technical, organizational, and individual levels. On the technical level, BRIDGE will deliver:
• resilient ad-hoc network infrastructures founded on requirements evolved from emergency scenarios;
• generic, extensible middleware to support integration of data sources, networks, and systems;
• a context management system to foster data interoperability.

The BRIDGE project is an effort to increase the security and safety of European citizens through improved multi-agency coordination in large-scale emergency management. The focus is on solutions
• facilitate multi-agency collaboration in large-scale emergency relief efforts;
• enable data and system interoperability in multi-agency collaborative efforts;
• provide a common operational picture for multi-agency emergency response operations.
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