Chemistry, crystal structures, modular description, crystal-chemistry and classification of complex (Cu, Ag)-Pb-Bi(Sb)-sulphosalts

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Sulphosalts, a specific group of complex sulphides of geological, mineralogical and potential material-science importance, were not a frequent object of investigation, like some families of oxides compounds of equal complexity.
Structure investigations on individual phases will be followed by crystal-chemical calculation and their assessment, modular interpretation, comparative studies and attempts of generalization of the observed structural features.
All these results will contribute to a better understanding of: chemical ranges, mechanisms of substitution, modular description, coordination polyhedra of Bi and Pb and crystal-chemistry of the Bi-based homologous series of lillianite, pavonite, cuprobismutite, meneghinite, junoite and galenobismutite.

X-ray micro-analysis and single-crystal X-ray diffraction

X-ray micro-analysis and single-crystal X-ray diffraction methods will be used to investigate the complex Bi-based sulphosalt phases from available samples, in order to
(1) fully characterize some new potential minerals, (2) to complete the structural characterization and classification of some other sulphosalt minerals in need of it, and (3) to improve the structural description of some not well defined ones.
KurztitelStructural investigations of Bi-based sulphosalts
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