Consutlancy Natural Hazard Assessment and Service for Construction Supervision of Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project



The scope of works remains als follows, but not limited to:
Detailed mapping of the Gongar Khola catchment area with emphasis on mass movement, sediment deposits and sediment transport; modelling of futute debris surges, if applicable; Evaluation of the risk for the project site and establishment of a hazard zone map, Report submission incorporating necessary countermeasures to avoid further risks and damages

Field invesitgations and detaild mapping of the Gongar Khola catchment area, estimation of landforming processes and changes in morphology, survey of river profiles, definition of priorities for protection.
KurztitelUTKHEP Natural Hazard Assessment
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende31/10/1531/12/15

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