Copernicus User Uptake Framework

  • d'Oleire-Oltmanns, Sebastian, (Projektleitung)
  • Lang, Stefan (Projektmitarbeiter/in)
  • Tiede, Dirk (Projektmitarbeiter/in)



In order to achieve a comprehensive mapping of the existing user initiatives and to be able to properly evaluate their effectiveness, an extensive data gathering activity will take place at the start of the study. Both the mapping exercise, evaluation and formulation of recommendations will undergo validation by internal and external experts, keeping the context of the analysis in mind, the user uptake objectives of the European Commission. The outcome of the mapping and evaluation will be consolidated and presented according to the concept of ‘service level maturity’ in specific geographies, to allow the formulation of proposals for effective concrete actions in a coherent strategy. The expected impact of the proposed recommendations will be described qualitatively and where possible with key performance indicators (KPI), e.g., number of users targetable etc.

The European Commission looks to create an exhaustive and complete mapping and evaluation of the existing initiatives of user uptake across the EU, as well as a set of recommendations for a global and unified strategy in order to get a coherent and homogenous integrated strategy for user uptake in the EU.

The overarching objective of the study “Engaging with public authorities, the private sector and civil society for Copernicus user uptake” will consist of the following points:
* Mapping of existing user uptake initiatives across the EU
* Evaluation of existing initiatives (best practices and improvement measures) & gap analysis
* Recommendations for a comprehensive and integrated strategy
AkronymUser Uptake
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