Curriculum Reform for Promoting Civic Education and Democratic Principles in Israel and in Georgia

  • Patry, Jean-Luc (Projektleitung)
  • Linortner, Lydia, (Projektmitarbeiter/in)
  • Weyringer, Sieglinde, (Projektmitarbeiter/in)



Construct and Develop a Multi-Dimensional Program that promotes curricular reform for Democratic principles and civic education in Higher Educational Teacher-Training Institutions or Faculties/Departments in Israel and in Georgia

Develop innovative courses through international teams, pilot these course and integrate them into our curriculum of our colleges.
“TRAIN THE TRAINERS” Workshops in EU institutions
Run faculty workshops that train faculty implement the courses.
Student Leadership Workshops and workshops aimed to provide them with tools to design and implement civic oriented projects.
Student Activities that reflect civic involvement
Establishing Centers for Civic Action on our Campuses
In-service teacher training workshops on civic education and guidance to set up civic clubs in the schools where the teacher’s teach.
Publish new learning materials and provide “kits” for our courses and student activities.
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