Deformation of hierarchical and anisotropic porous solids by fluid adsorptio´



The central motivation for the proposed research is to derive basic correlations between the physico-chemical parameters of adsorption induced deformation at the nanometer scale, and the hierarchical and anisotropic network structure with resulting actuated mechanical behavior at the macroscopic level. This knowledge will form the basis for future applications of hierarchically organized porous systems in designed switchable components, for instance as actuators, thermal insulation, or acoustic-mechanical components.

New synthesis approaches will be developed to tailor the degree of anisotropy at different levels, while independently controlling fluid-wall interaction, microporosity and materials chemistry.

The goal of the proposed research is to enhance the fundamental understanding of adsorption induced deformation in monolithic materials with hierarchical porosity.
KurztitelDeformation of hierarchical and anisotropic porous solids by fluid adsorption
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