Determination of grade and position of the modification of monomeric allergoids



    Allergoids will be analyzed comparatively to unmodified recombinant molecules. Analyses will include the assignment of sequences to allergen sequences provided by Lofarma. Suitable digestion protocols for allergoids will be developed, customized sequence databanks established, and computer-assisted manual databank analyses performed.

    Analyses performed on an ElectroSpray Ionization-Quadrupole-Time of Flight mass spectrometer (Q-Tof Ultima Global, Waters-Micromass, Milford, MA, USA) include mass and sequence determination of proteolytic peptides obtained by digesting the samples with suitable proteases.

    The modification grade and position of modified lysine residues in the allergoids need to be analyzed by intact and tandem mass spectrometry. Such methodologies are not yet available and will have to be developed during this project.
    KurztitelBioanalysis of monomeric allergoids
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    Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige 2002

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