Diseño de una plataforma de indicadores departamentales y territoriales georeferenciados (SIG MASAYA) e implementación de un proyecto piloto (Sistema de Información Turístico del Departamento de Masaya - SIGTUR MASAYA)



During the past years, FISE-Masaya (Emergency Social Investment Fund of Masaya Province) in cooperation with the Austrian Development Association (ADA) has carried out several regional development initiatives within the framework of the PASE-Masaya project in the Nicaraguan Province of Masaya. FISE-Masaya identified the implementation of a web-based information management platform for geo-referenced information for Masaya Province as a key tool for promoting sustainable regional development at a local level (municipalities) - especially fostering cooperation between different administrative and economic stakeholders. This platform (‘SIG-Masaya’) should integrate all kind of available and suitable (spatial) information of existing information systems at a national and local level in order to promote regional integration and coordinated planning activities.

The design of ‘SIG-MASAYA’ is divided into two different phases:
in phase I (diagnostic, system dimensioning) potential users of the system, available (spatial) information and existing technologic infrastructure are identified and documented in a first report; a catalog of codified information that defines required data quality for all data that will be integrated into the system, is set up and selected functionalities of the system will be defined with anticipated users.
in phase II (system design) the system’s architecture will be defined by developing the conceptual, logical and physical model and defining specific standards and data-exchange protocols that guarantee the system’s interoperability. Results of phase II are summarized in a second report outlining the system’s architecture. In order to prepare the successful implementation of ‘SIG-MASAYA’, which is planned to be carried out in a follow-up project, different technological alternatives are evaluated. Furthermore a manual for the system’s final implementation will be provided.
Within the pilot project ‘SIGTUR-MASAYA’, selected functionalities for sustainable management of tourist activities in the Province of Masaya are implemented in order to demonstrate the system’s design and the benefits for the users.

Design of a web-based, geo-referenced information management platform for Masaya Province, Nicaragua (‘SIG-MASAYA’) and the implementation of a pilot project (tourist information management system of Masaya Province – ‘SIGTUR-MASAYA’)
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