Early Mycenaean Aegina Kolonna. Field work – Pottery and Archaeometric Studies – Site Conservation



Research in Kolonna in 2020 will focus on (1) the early Mycenaean phases of the settlement and (2) on conservation of the walls of the northern suburb as part of an overall site management including wall capping, anastylosis and wall repairs. The processing of data gained from excavation, studies, and conservations as well as scientific analyses will help to prepare the final publication of the proposed project. This project has provided us with valuable information on the construction and function of the early Outer Suburbs, but the small size of the areas under study curtailed the possibility to study an entire feature. The richness of finds from the Eastern Suburbs yielded evidence for their high living
standards pointed out in high quality pottery, painted plaster, specialized objects for domestic activities (spinning whorls, loom weights, stones for processing agricultural products) and for outdoor and workshop occupation (e.g. bonze foundry, purple dye workshop, obsidian production).
The projected studies will produce a concluding interpretation of the formation process of the destruction deposits in chamber K10 and of the stratigraphy of the subjacent building structures. Final excavations in K10 and K01 will investigate the earliest phase of the Outer Suburb.
KurztitelEarly Mycenaean Aegina Kolonna.
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