Fostering and developing the quality culture at the University of Prishtina

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    Taking into consideration the situation Kosova has faced economically and politically during the last years, notwithstanding the continued support of the international community, UP still struggles to improve standards to modern European levels: Curricula are static and syllabi poorly drafted; in most cases assessment is terminal (the grade is determined by one final exam); classroom interaction remains minimal as a result of the large class sizes and limited facilities; students face heavy course loads and faculties are often increasingly dependent upon underpaid and overworked lecturers. Although positive changes are visible, further support for QA processes at UP is required for the successful implementation of quality assurance at the University of Prishtina, in particular to:

    •Increase curricular flexibility
    •Improve course delivery and assessment
    •Boost the overall quality of programs
    •Reduce drop-out rates among UP students
    •Allow cross-recognition of programs within the EHEA
    •Enhance outside visibility of UP thus encouraging the development of partnerships between UP and European Institutions.
    •Foster an understanding of a quality of culture among UP staff and students

    The overall objective of the project is to foster and develop the Quality Culture at all levels as: teaching, learning, research, administrative and student support services while taking in to account perspectives of internal and external university stakeholders
    KurztitelQuality Culture at the University of Pristina
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