Geochemistry and isotopic studies of REE-bearing Sangan Fe-Skarn, NE Iran



A number of questions such as the petro-chemistry of the different intrusions and their origin, relationship with the iron skarn ore, their ages and contemporaneity with iron and/or REEs mineralization, the nature and origin of the magmatism, and finally possible zonation and relation of 14 anomalous anomalies are still unclear.
Other purposes are includes:
1- This project addresses the fundamental question of whether these ores were formed from high, medium or low temperature fluids, and also try to shed light on the possible source(s) of these fluids, and understanding of ore deposits in general as it is possibly a large district formed by an extensive mineralizing event, or is it the result of several overlapping mineralizing events?
2- What is relationships between intrusions and associated ore deposits?
3- Evaluating possible district zoning (mineralogical and geochemical) along a recognized E-W recognized trend.

Field work, microscopy, geochemistry, isotope chemistry and age dating of barren and mineralized domains of the Sangan pluton, Iran

The main purpose of this project is the joint and collaborative investigation of REEs mineralization in the Sangan pluton, eastern Iran, by the Kharazmi and Salzburg Universities is prepared for complementary studies on the skarn and comprehensive studies on REEs, mainly focused on their geochemistry and petrography of REE-bearing phases.
KurztitelSangan Fe-Skarn
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/07/1830/09/20

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