GMES and Africa: Regional Network for information Exchange and Training in Emergencies



- To enable and enhance the ability of EO service providers in Africa to use satellite EO imagery, to inform risk management policy decisions and to manage local humanitarian response, in times of emergency/crisis
- To improve the ability of African states (local users) to access and benefit from the “International Charter for Space and Natural Disasters”. In particular:
- to better enable activation of the Charter, by local users, for local emergencies;
- to better enable access to Charter-derived data by the local supply chain
- To improve the quality of the GMES Emergency Service rapid-mapping products (eg. flood extent, etc), by using the skills, knowledge and capacity of in-situ African organisations.

In doing the above,
- To support the creation of an economic environment in Africa, in which local businesses and entrepreneurs can develop the technical and commercial capacity to become sustainable and wealth-creating entities

In the context of the European GMES initiative, and specifically the GMES Emergency Response Core Service:
- to enable and enhance the ability of African states to use satellite Earth Observation for the management of natural and man-made humanitarian emergencies;
- to develop a network of EU, African organisations and African users, in order to build economic, technical and commercial capacity within African states, along the priority lines being identified in consultation with the African Union under the ‘GMES and Africa’ initiative
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