Independent Service Validation Group RESPOND



Independent validation of GMES services is an essential step in the process to scale up demonstrated capacities to their operational implementation. The approach addresses service qualification in an holistic way, i.e. not strictly related to the service production process, but including a full assessment of service conception. It is proposed that such an assessment is best carried out by a team that is not directly involved in the service provision, but which has the necessary expertise in the Respond service realm to interface with both the service producers and the service end-users.

The objectives / responsibilities of the RESPOND Independent Service Validation Group (ISVG) are:
- Working closely with the Respond Service Network, to review Respond production services with respect to operational production constraints, quality assurance;
- to review Respond validation activities and their results;
- to review validation approaches in past and present GMES projects in parallel domains (e.g. land monitoring services, RISK-EOS, Preview, etc.);
- building upon the current Respond dossiers, to draft an independent validation framework for Respond services that are subject to existing Service Level Agreements;
- to estimate resources for a consistent validation framework for the remainder of Respond phase 2 service delivery (covering the whole Respond portfolio);
- pending allocation of the identified resources, execute the proposed validation work (subject to a detailed proposal)
- to contribute to GMES programme activities that define validation approaches across GMES services.
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