International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP) IGCP no. 546: Accretion of island arc systems at the northern margin of the Carribbean subduction system as contribution to the IGCP Project 546 Subduction Zones in the Carribbean



Verlängerung des Projektes 'Subducted Cuba'

(1) The age range of volcanism will be studied both in the Sierra Maestra island arc and “Cretaceous” island arc in the SE footwall of the Northern Ophiolite belt. We plan to study the 40Ar/39Ar ages of volcanic and subvolcanic rocks by dating of biotite and amphibole phenocryst and volcanic feldspar (K-feldspar and plagioclase) from volcanogenic tuffites.
(2) Structure across central Cuba in a section from Escambray massif to exposures of the Bahamas platform in NE Cuba. The main purpose is to reveal to structural mode of formation and emplacement of the Northern Ophiolite belt and its relationship to the emplacement of the Escambray massif.
(3) Pressure-temperature conditions, age and exhumation history of high-pressure rocks exposed in the Escambray massif . The P-T conditions will studied by classical geothermobarometry, and the age by Ar-Ar dating of phengite inclusions in garnet and matrix phengite of eclogites and blueschists. Furthermore, we plan a 40Ar/39Ar K-feldspar and apatite fission track study on orthogneisses interlayered within schists to constrain the final cooling as a measure for rock uplift.

Strukturelle Analyse

Clarification of time range of subduction zone magmatism, subduction of island arc successions, and exhumation of subducted wedges
KurztitelSubducted Cuba II
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende27/11/1730/07/18

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