Junge Frauen als Produzentinnen neuer kultureller Räume



Most research so far has looked at youth as consumers of mass culture and neglected the degree of their active involvement in cultural productions. This study takes Ladyfests as an example and point of departure for an exploration of cultural practices by young women today. The main aims are to assess, analyze and interpret the creation of Ladyfests by young women as new cultural spaces in the history of women-owned and feminist spaces and in the context of three discourses, namely (a) young women as cultural producers, (b) the post-feminist ‘undoing of feminism’ (McRobbie), and (c) the concept of active youth citizenship.

- analysis of Ladyfests and interrelated projects
- archiving and providing all information on online platform and (searchable) database
- survey with Ladyfest organizers, performers and audience members
- ethnographic case studies

Aim 1: Description of Ladyfests and the interconnected (semi-entrepreneurial) network
Aim 2: Analysis of the cultural, social and virtual space (“Ladyspaces”) of Ladyfests in their form, structure, function, and contextualization
Aim 3: Assessment and interpretation of meaning, vulnerabilities and significance of Ladyfests as a new cultural space
KurztitelYoung women as creators of new cultural spaces
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/09/0731/08/10

Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige 2002

  • 6903 Geisteswissenschaften interdisziplinär
  • 6912 Gender Studies (Geisteswissenschaften)
  • 6904 Kommunikationswissenschaft