Knowledge and Semantics in Landform Classification



The methodology includes (1) definition of interoperable concepts of glacial landforms, (2) segmentation-based derivation of characteristic geomorphometric object patterns from land-surface models, (3) formalization of landform concepts by applying the principles of semantic modelling, and (4) semantics-based extraction of quantitative and relational rules for interoperable hierarchical classification. In order to test transferability the extracted rule base will be applied to map glacial landforms in several high alpine regions. Results will be evaluated by experts and, in addition, compared to reference maps.

The overall objective is to develop a sound methodological framework for the integration of semantics in hierarchical landform modelling in object based image analysis (OBIA). The researchs aims at (1) formalizing existing knowledge about the morphology, morphometry and the contextual setting of glacial landforms, (2) matching semantic landform models with significant object patterns of land-surface models as well as with useful object and pattern properties in order to develop transferable rules for landform classification, and (3) investigating ways for assessing the stability and transferability of derived landform classes across spatial resolutions as well as across areas with comparable topography.
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Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige 2002

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