Modulating growth and secondary metabolite patternsin lichen under stress

  • Stocker-Wörgötter, Elfriede, (Projektleitung)



    In case studies, we have started to “modulate” growth and culture conditions. We have optimized culture conditions to obtain increased biomass production for several selected mycobionts (e.g. Roccella decipiens, species of the genus Xanthoparmelia) by adopting
    particular environmental conditions in one of our culture chambers. In recent investigations, by exploring further possibilities to optimize culture conditions and biomass production it turned out that axenically cultured mycobionts can be triggered to produce single or a whole
    pattern of secondary metabolites. Polyketides and shikimate derivatives, have been demonstrated, to be only biosynthesized under “permissive” ecological conditions.

    culturing mycobionts, growth modulation
    DNA analyses, genetic identification of mycobionts
    Determination of lichen substances (polyketides) by HPLCanalyses
    RNA isolation of metabolically active mycobiont
    Smart cDNA synthesisand Race-PCR
    RNA isolations from cultured mycobiont and lichen thallus
    cDNA library construction, Trancriptome sampling, search for ESTs and genes involved in desiccation zolerance
    KurztitelModulation von Wachstum und Bildung von Sekundärstoffen bei Flechten unter Stress (01.08.2014 - 31.12.2014)
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