NANOtechnology RIsk GOvernance



O1: Develop and apply criteria for risk evaluation and acceptance and transfer of acceptable risk  Developing and employing a strategy to access and apply available high-quality data, models and test guidelines to achieve a minimum Technology Readiness Level (TRL6)  Develop and apply consistent criteria for tools in all steps of risk evaluation  Develop and apply criteria for what are “acceptable risks”, and from this guidelines for manufacturers, regulators and insurance companies to build trust O2: Develop reinforced decision-making tools to facilitate risk communication  Design and reinforce practical, robust, easy-to-use and cost-effective measurement and decision-making tools  Taking societal risk perception by all stakeholders duly into account based on extensive engagement  Facilitate transparent and responsible risk communication between all stakeholders O3: Establish a new multi-stakeholder driven, transdisciplinary, sustainable, science-based RGF  Establishing the basic requirement for a new Risk Governance Framework (RGF) for all stakeholders  Integrate acceptance criteria, transfer and decision-making tools into the new operational RGF
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