Portrait of the Woman Artist: Gender and Genre in Biofiction

  • Lajta-Novak, Julia, (Projektleitung)



This analysis will take as its starting point the hypothesis that in fictionalised biographies of women artists the biographee’s gender is foregrounded in the representation and evaluation of her professional and private conduct. Thus, particular focus will be given to the artist figure’s position in the sex/gender system of her respective historical and cultural context. Specifically, this project will examine the privileges of fictionalised biography in ‘re-imagining’ its subject and will survey the inventory of narrative strategies, plot models, models of female subjectivity, and (gender-)political agendas to be found in fictionalised biographies of women artists.
KurztitelPortrait of the Woman Artist
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/10/1431/08/15

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