Responsibility and Risk: Operationalizing comprehensive climate risk layering in Austria among multiple actors

  • Kienberger, Stefan, (Projektleitung)



The concept and method of risk layering integrated with a scenario-led participatory context holds high appeal for many areas of risk policy and management. It has been applied for disaster risks, yet almost exclusively focusing on insurance options, hence the following gaps emerge: (1) The concept and associated methods have not informed thinking on developing comprehensive risk management portfolios building on risk prevention, preparedness, risk financing and risk absorption. (2) The concept has also not been tested in a participatory environment, where roles and responsibilities are negotiated among public and private sector players.

The overarching aim of RESPECT is to support the operationalization of comprehensive climate risk management (CRM) in Austria and beyond, by broadening the scope of the CRM framework to-wards a more inclusive involvement of stakeholders at different governance levels. Based on an analysis of the current CRM decision context and a risk assessment for Austria, a participatory risk layering approach will be employed in both a local and a national case study to co-generate a com-prehensive and operationalizable CRM approach, and to allocate roles and responsibilities for con-crete action.
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