Screen for translational components modulating NMD (nonsense-mediated mRNA decay): a case study of selected alleles of COL17A1, confering Epidermolysis bullosa



    The yeast EUROFAN deletion strain collection supplies haploinsufficient yeast strains, where one copy of a given gene is replaced by a kanMX Marker cassette. Alternatively, non-essential genes can also be studied using the respective haploid deletion strains. Our previuos work suggests that distinct ribosomal proteins and translation factors may participate in modulating NMD. We shall employ the corresponding haploinsufficient / haploid yeast deletion stains strains for testing an Epidermolysis bullosa specific NMD reporter construct.

    We shall measure by lumimescence analysis the expression level of the reporter construct (s ) in the deletion strains, silence the human orthologs of those yeast genes, identified as potetential modulators of NMD and perform ribosomal profile analysis of yeast and human cells.

    Identify translational components modulating NMD using an Epidermolysis bullosa specific reporter and deliver candiate targets for therapeutic intervetion
    KurztitelScreen for translational components modulating NMD
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