Word Recognition in Natural Reading with Parafoveal Preview



For achieving the goals of the project, we will use novel methodological approaches which combine eye tracking with electrophysiological and eye tracking with functional imaging techniques. The prospect of the project is to inform future models of visual word recognition, which – in turn – could be incorporated into models of eye movement control during reading. This would merge two research lines which up to now formed two relatively independent sectors of research with the same scope: Reading.
This proposal has two ultimate goals: First, it aims at specifying the role of parafoveal preprocessing in visual word recognition during natural reading. By doing so, the project will prepare the ground for the establishment of future models of visual word recognition which take parafoveal preprocessing into account. Second, a potential neuronal framework is proposed in which parafoveal and foveal processing takes place simultaneously: It is proposed that parafoveal preprocessing during natural reading resembles the neural processes described as preconscious processing by Dehaene et al. (2006). Preconscious processing takes place in brain regions, which are distinct from the brain regions involved in conscious processing. This feature of the proposal accounts for the possibility that foveal and parafoveal processing occur simultaneously.
KurztitelWord Recognition in Natural Reading
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  • fMRI
  • ERP
  • eye movements
  • reading
  • visual word recognition
  • computational modeling


Co-registration of eye movements and neuroimaging for studying contextual predictions in natural reading

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Publikation: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftReview article

Open Access

An investigation of parafoveal masks with the incremental boundary paradigm

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Publikation: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikel

Open Access