Psychometric properties of the multifaceted gender-related attributes survey (GERAS)

Freya Magdalena Gruber (Korrespondierende/r Autor/in), Eva-Maria Distlberger, Thomas Scherndl, Tuulia M. Ortner, Belinda Angela Pletzer*

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Since the 1920s, psychologists have sought to assess the sex- and gender-related attributes of men and women, including primarily aspects of personality and focusing on positive characteristics. In this paper, we introduce a new questionnaire for assessing gender-related attributes with a broader approach than provided by previous ones. Therefore, the questionnaire includes (a) not only personality traits but also cognitions and interests and (b) not only positive but also negative and neutral characteristics. Two independent datasets were acquired (Study 1: N = 1,466; Study 2: N = 471) for development and psychometric analyses. Factor analysis confirmed a hierarchical structure with two separate dimensions of masculinity and femininity overarching the multiple first-order domains of personality, cognition, and interests. Analyses of reliability and convergence with other gender identity and personality scales revealed sufficient values. The new instrument discriminated between the biological sexes and was related to the gender quotas in participants’ occupations and social environments, thus providing evidence for criterion-related validity. Therefore, we propose the Gender-Related Attributes Survey (GERAS) as a useful tool for objectively assessing gender-related attributes across multiple facets in gender and sex-difference research.
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FachzeitschriftEuropean Journal of Psychological Assessment
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 6 Sep 2019

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