Good tomorrow - Science and Art meet Politics to promote climate action

Impact: Third-mission activityCulture, Economy, Environment, Health, Politics, Social affairs

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In the Salzburg old town in the Furtwängler Garden in the spring of 2021, the “future wishes web” was launched as part of the “good morning” campaign. In addition to Hermann Josef Hack (artist) and representatives of the Scientists for Future (S4F) Salzburg group from PLUS, FH and Mozarteum, interested residents and press representatives were also on site at the opening. The 2-week campaign was accompanied by a statement from interdisciplinary scientists.

The result was presented to Deputy Governor Dr. Heinrich Schellhorn who represented the government of Salzburg. There were more than hundred suggestions, wishes and ideas for a "good tomorrow" in the web.
Impact date21 May 202115 Oct 2021
Category of impactCulture, Economy, Environment, Health, Politics, Social affairs
Impact levelSocial engagement