Easy to use professional business and system control applications

Project Details


We will generate knowledge about alternative user interfaces by means of investigating
human communication principles with the main aim to implement them in natural user
interfaces for human-computer interaction within professional business and system control
applications. In this regard, an overview will be acquired on expectations about future
demands of potential users on relevant aspects such as usability, accessibility, learnability,
interculturality, and age-related properties as well as an overview on availability, feasibility,
operational readiness, and performance of future alternative interface solutions. We are
focusing on hardware and software materials and prototypes of alternative user interfaces by
investigating their matching in an industrial context, for instance, ambient persuasive
graphical user interfaces, flexible capacitive touch sensors, gesture-based user interfaces,
thermal sensing, haptic devices, speech and eye tracking interfaces, and receive reusable
experience from tests of alternative user interface prototypes in demanding working process.

We will work on new methods for a systematic representation of data characterizing software
and hardware configuration within a knowledge-based content management system in order
to implement easy-to-use knowledge exploration as well as information retrieval features for
multifaceted system configuration tools (e.g., supporting configuration tasks during
assembly, installation, and adjustment of user interfaces for cement plant control systems).

The prime objective of this K-Project concerns sustainable knowledge about easy to use
professional business and system control applications as well as future-proved
implementation of natural and simple user interfaces for configuration, control, and
communication within complex professional systems with high added value for our
consortium as well as the scientific community.
Effective start/end date1/07/14 → 30/09/18

Fields of Science and Technology Classification 2012

  • 102 Computer Sciences

Fields of Science and Technology Classification 2012 (6-digit codes)

  • 102013 Human-computer interaction

Fields of Science and Technology Classification 2002

  • 1161 Human-computer interaction