Encouraging the process of curriculum development based on learning outcomes and research guided teaching in the private higher education institutions of Kosova

  • Eckl, Peter (Principal Investigator)

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    The project aims to support the private higher education providers in achieving the objectives of the Bologna process, Strategy of Higher Education in Kosova for the period 2005-2015, Kosova Education Strategic Plan 2011-2016, recommendations of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency on institutional accreditation for the HE which seeks from them to design courses and study programs based on learning outcomes, National Qualification Authority’s documents i.e. NQF, Europe 2020 Strategy, as well as the Strategic framework for European Cooperation in education and training (ET 2020). The project therefore tries to meet the following problems: Lack of experiences of the HE institutions on designing curricula based on labor market needs and by taking account the NQF and EQF matrix: knowledge, skills and competence The teaching and learning processes are not based on learning-outcomes Lack of a culture to implement research guided teaching Lack of indicators to monitor and benchmark R&D activities Lack of cooperation among HE institutions and the business community Inadequate student support services, which could offer contemporary services to students i.e. career guidance and academic counseling in order to enhance students’ employability. Kick-off meeting and Workshop on competence based teaching: kick-off meeting will be held to launch the project in Prishtina, by being combined with a training workshop based on partners’ presentations on competence based teaching aspects. Study visit at the University of Salzburg on the experiences of the university to develop curricula driven by the needs of labor market i.e. based on learning outcomes. Training in Prishtina on the experiences of the universities to develop curricula driven by the needs of labor market. In addition, the experiences of the EUU will be used to draft the questionnaires to be used for a survey in Kosova with alumni and employers. Finalization of the questionnaires for alumni and employers, which will be forwarded to the HEI to conduct survey with the alumni and employers. Inputs deriving from the data collected will be used to define the descriptors in the field of business. Development of indicators for research and development activities Training/workshop at the University of Salzburg will take place in the context of development of benchmarks and indicators for R&D activities. Additionally, the institutional know-how and experiences on performing R&D activities will be shared. Training workshop in Prishtina will be focused on treating aspects of quality assurance (QA) in research field and publication and presentation of research results for the academic staff of HEI in Kosovo. The EUU will share their best experiences in this field and this way it is aimed at promoting research guided teaching.
    Short titleCurricula development in the private higher education institutions of Kosova
    Effective start/end date15/10/1214/10/14

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