Molecular farming: plants as a production platform for high value proteins

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    Cupressaceae (cedar/juniper/cypress) pollen extracts are difficult to produce since they have low protein and high carbohydrate content. Thus, accurate standardization of these extracts for allergy diagnosis and therapy is an extremely difficult task and reliable diagnostic and therapeutic reagents are still missing. So far, little success has been reported in the production of recombinant Cupressaceae allergens belonging to the pectate lyase family of proteins using prokaryotic (E. coli)- and eukaryotic (yeast)-based expression systems. Therefore, in this project we aim at the production of recombinant allergens of the pectate lyase group using plant expression systems.

    Plant-based production of recombinant allergens

    Proof-of-principle for Molecular Farming (MF) has been established over the last 15 years through sustained efforts of a growing number of European research groups. This work has been supported by the strategic decision of the EU to fund several initiatives through FPs 4-6 resulting in an impressive volume of generated knowledge. The aim of the Action is to leverage fruits of earlier EU, national and industrial investments in Molecular Farming to reach the next level, i.e. to move from R&D to applications, to develop product-oriented platforms, to enable new classes of products, to lower the costs and ultimately to commercialize the products. This Action will create new opportunities for European agriculture, horticulture and related technology sectors as the plants dedicated to Molecular Farming constitute new high-value crops. The Action brings the key players together and will increase European momentum, capacity and infrastructure. It will also expand activities to countries that have not thus far been able to participate, including developing countries. The concrete outcome will be a sustainable European Molecular Farming community with a clear vision, and links and input into scientific, regulatory, biosafety, intellectual property (IP), dissemination and public engagement activities.

    Aim of the Austrian project: Plant-based production of recombinant Cupressaceae allergens
    Short titleCOST-Aktion FA0804
    Effective start/end date1/09/08 → 30/08/12

    Fields of Science and Technology Classification 2002

    • 3401 Allergy research