Transatlantic Trade Politics

Project Details


The project strives to establish a Jean-Monnet network that fosters research partnerships on a range of issues in the politics of transatlantic trade. Carleton University, Canada, will be the leading partner and Salzburg together with the University of Antwerp and Warwick as well as Georgia Tech University will be part of the network.

In particular, the network will deal with the following topics:
1) Brexit: including post-Brexit trade with the UK and economic analysis of the effects of Brexit
2) Politicization: in relation to specific bilateral trade agreements and their Labour chapters, labour mobility, environment, intellectual property, investment, governance issues (dispute settlement, stakeholder inclusion) as well as the consequences of economic nationalism in the fields of public procurement, standards and intellectual property protection , and competition policy and state aid.
3) Global context: WTO reform and the future of the multilateral trade regime, Trade and environment/climate change and transatlantic trade in a global context (for instance vis-à-vis China, Russia)
Short titleTransatlantic Trade Politics
Effective start/end date6/11/205/11/23