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Wider research context, theoretical Framework:
The envisaged project, WELL-BEING OF MIGRANTS IN THE LABOR MARKET (WELLMIGLAB), is intended to contribute to the body of knowledge on the subjective well-being of migrants and refugees in the labor markets of their host societies. The project will be conducted in the framework of a 12-month research stay in Canada (Statistics Canada and McMaster University) as well as a 6-month return phase in Austria (University of Salzburg). The project will address important gaps in research on immigrant integration which is still mostly studied from an objective point of v iew by focusing on socio-economic indicators, such as positions in terms of income.
Hypotheses, research questions, objectives:
The global research question of WELLMIGLAB is: How do negative labor market experiences in host societies affect immigrants’ subjective well-being in comparison to other domains of life (e.g., social relations, housing) and which differences persist in comparison to natives? As the result of the author’s research stay in Canada, three journal articles will be published in leading peer-rev iewed journals. As the result of the author’s return phase in Austria, a proposal for a project on the topic of migration and well-being in Austria will be submitted.
Approach, Methods:
The WELLMIGLAB project intends to apply rigorous quantitative methods. Based on the collaboration with the hosts and the author’s physical presence in Canada, unique longitudinal and administrative microdata on the labor market integration and subjective well-being of immigrants and refugees (as well as natives) can be used for the analysis. WELLMIGLAB will focus on the consequences of detrimental labor market experiences, such as overqualification, on immigrants’ subjective well-being; the effects of other areas of life (e.g., social relations, housing) will be considered as well. The concept of life satisfaction will primarily be used as an indicator of subjective well-being.
Level of originality, Innovation:
By researching the immigrants’ and refugees’ subjective well-being, the project will contribute to the growing body of knowledge, in which a happiness angle is utilized to measure migrants’ integration from a subjective stance. The WELLMIGLAB project is also highly innovative in terms of the quantitative data to be used. The project will use a globally unparalleled comprehensive data base (CCHS-IMDB linkage file) that offers considerable potential to gain new and profound insights.
Primary researchers involved:
In all three institutions, the author will be hosted by leading experts in the fields of migration, well-being and the labor market integration of immigrants: Canada: Prof. Feng Hou (months 1-3), Analysis Branch of Statistics Canada, Ottawa; Prof. Lisa Kaida (months 4-12), Department of Sociology, McMaster University, Hamilton. Austria: Prof. Wolfgang Aschauer (months 13-18), Department of Sociology, University of Salzburg, Salzburg.
Short title(WELLMIGLAB)
Effective start/end date1/12/2031/05/22